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Dumpster Rental For Concrete – What You Need To Know Before You Rent

Dumpster Rental for Concrete

At Blake Waste, concrete, dirt, block, and brick can be hauled in our 10-yard residential dumpster rentals only.

Anyone who has ever worked a construction job knows that by the end of the demolition period you have a ton of debris to get rid of. Some materials are easier to dispose of than others, with concrete being one of the more difficult heavy debris materials to break down and properly throw away.

Dumpsters for Concrete Disposal

Blake Waste has the answer to your concrete disposal needs! Serving the Raleigh, Youngsville, Franklinton, and Wake Forest Areas, our concrete dumpster rental services will make the removal of heavy debris quick and convenient.

Simple Concrete Disposal

If your home is undergoing a remodel, it is likely you will need to rent a dumpster designed for concrete removal. Foundation, patio, driveway, and sidewalk removals create large amounts of concrete debris that needs to be disposed of properly. Do not make the mistake of putting concrete materials into your household trash when a simple dumpster rental from a professional waste disposal company can manage concrete debris.

Solid concrete is heavy, even when broken down into small pieces after demolition. Renting a dumpster with the appropriate weight limits for your residential construction project is important.

When considering concrete disposal, why should you rent a concrete-specific dumpster?

  • Heavy materials from concrete often exceed the weight limits of traditional-sized dumpsters.
  • Overweight dumpsters due to heavy concrete materials can result in complications like excessive costs or even rejection at landfills due to limited space.
  • Putting concrete waste into household trash can be unsafe for your residential trash removers and cause damage to their trucks.
  • Your community’s trash removal restrictions likely prohibit concrete or other foreign materials in the regular trash.

Our locally owned company takes care of the difficult removal task of heavy debris.

Landfills and Heavy Materials

Concrete is an inert waste material, meaning it does not undergo any significant physical, chemical, or biological transformations. Since concrete does not dissolve, burn, or biodegrade, it takes up a significant amount of landfill space. For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends recycling or reusing heavy materials like concrete.

If you have questions about environmentally conscious ways of disposing of heavy construction materials for your residential project site, contact our professional waste disposal company for valuable resources in clean concrete removal. We offer concrete dumpster rentals that exceed the weight limit of regular-size dumpster rentals for your most difficult removal tasks.

What can go in Concrete Dumpsters?

Most residential construction job sites will have a few types of materials that will need to be removed and properly disposed of. In addition to concrete slab removals, there are other types of general construction waste that can be put into a concrete dumpster as long as it is not a dumpster designed just for clean concrete removal.

Materials that can go into a concrete dumpster:

  • Clean concrete
  • Mixed heavy debris
  • Asphalt and brick

Materials that should never be disposed of in a concrete dumpster:

  • Concrete slurry
  • Hazardous and flammable materials

Types of Concrete

The two types of concrete are clean concrete and mixed heavy debris.

  • Clean concrete: no other material is mixed with the concrete, so the material is not contaminated by lead-based paint, chemicals, or other metal parts.
  • Mixed heavy debris: a combination of clean concrete and other waste like construction debris, metal, asphalt, bricks, or soil.

Let our professional waste disposal company know what kind of concrete waste you need to be removed. Our team will recommend the best dumpster rental for your specific needs.

Landfill Restrictions on Concrete

Landfills have restrictions on the types of materials they will accept, along with standards for the proper disposal of all types of waste. It’s important to know what a landfill will accept so that you do not haul your concrete dumpster to a landfill site only to be turned away.

Generally speaking, any clean concrete materials are accepted by landfills. Clean concrete painted with lead-free paint is fine, but any concrete with lead-based paint contamination cannot go into a landfill. Concrete contaminated with oil, chemicals, toxic substances, or concrete dumpsters that arrive with other, non-concrete materials like metal will be turned away.

Concrete Slurry and Other Construction Debris

Concrete slurry is when concrete is mixed with water and chemical additives. The slurry is often used as glue to bind old and new concrete slabs, to fill holes or cracks in concrete foundations, or to smooth the tops of concrete surfaces. Concrete slurry should never be placed in an inert, clean concrete dumpster! It can only be put into a mixed heavy debris dumpster once the slurry is treated with a slurry solidifier. If you are uncertain what types of construction debris can go in your concrete dumpster rental or what type of dumpster rental is best for only concrete, Blake Waste is here to help.

What Condition Should The Concrete Be In?

Inert landfills will not accept any concrete waste that is contaminated, flammable, or decomposable. It is a violation of EPA rules and restrictions to place mixed heavy waste in inert landfills. It is best to understand the restrictions and regulations of the specialty facilities you plan to dispose of your concrete in and if they accept only clean concrete or mixed heavy debris.

Clean And Painted Concrete

Landfills have strict standards and environmental regulations to protect land, air, and water from getting contaminated by waste. Mixed heavy debris entering inert landfill space would be toxic and create damaging and potentially dangerous environmental conditions.

Clean, unaltered concrete and clean concrete painted with lead-free paint are the only forms of concrete suitable for inert landfills; if there is any concern that concrete is not clean, it should be disposed of in a solid waste facility.

Recyclable Concrete

The benefits of recycled concrete are economical and environmental. Clean concrete can be recycled into usable items for other projects, with around 60% of crushed concrete repurposed into use for new concrete and road-based materials. Only clean concrete is recyclable, so any mixed waste concrete cannot be repurposed for other projects. Recycling concrete can reduce construction and removal costs that can get expensive with multiple trips to the landfill for disposal.

Uses Of Recycled Concrete

Most recycled concrete is used as a base for roads, parking lots, or driveways. Large concrete slabs can be repurposed as the base for patios and walkway designs or retaining walls, whereas crushed concrete is a great way to fill garden beds or build yard drainage systems. Landscaping and construction needs at residential and commercial sites can benefit from the reduced costs and environmentally friendly approach to laying recycled concrete for new projects.

Maximum Weight Of Concrete That Can Be Disposed Of In A Rental Dumpster

Knowing how much concrete can go into your dumpster will help determine how many dumpsters and what size concrete dumpster rental is right for you. At Blake Waste, concrete, dirt, block, and brick can be hauled in our 10-yard residential dumpster rentals only.

How To Estimate Your Waste In A Concrete Dumpster

  • 10-yard dumpster: Ideal for small jobs and tight spaces, that will acquire up to 1.5 tons of waste.
  • 15-yard dumpster: For small to medium-sized jobs, this dumpster rental can easily fit in a driveway and hold up to 2 tons of weight.
  • 20-yard dumpster: Used for large demolitions and cleanups, this size dumpster holds the most weight at 3 tons, the equivalent of 9 pickup trucks.

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