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Special Event & Venue Waste Management Services

Make cleanup after your next event easier than ever!

Planning a special event requires a large amount time and planning. Blake Waste offers turnkey solutions for your venue, festival, parade, sporting event, concert, and other special events. Our worry-free approach ensures your waste needs are met responsibly and reliably. We can equip you with carts, cans, and dumpsters for one day or several weeks. We offer flexible delivery and pickup dates. We can even provide service in between.

Waste Containment

We can provide a wide range of devices to specifically cater to your waste containment needs.

Waste Collection

A team can be assembled to take care of ongoing cleanup and service throughout the event. We can also provide a team to clean-up the venue once the event has come to an end.


Drive lanes and parking area can be cleared and cleaned by our sweeper service. Removing trash, confetti, or any other debris that stands in the way of a clean and tidy space.

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