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Wake Forest Construction Clean-Up Services

Get the Job Done Right with Blake Waste's Construction Clean-Up Services in Wake Forest

Wake Forest Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleaning Services

New construction and renovations can leave behind huge messes. From junk that needs to be removed, dust and debris, hazardous materials, and other materials and scraps left behind from demolishing old structures or building new ones, construction sites are never move-in ready until the construction site itself is cleaned.

Blake Waste is a construction clean-up service that serves post-construction cleanup sites in the Wake Forest, NC area. Our commercial cleaning company specializes in junk removal, the removal of construction debris and dirt, and anything else left behind indoors or outdoors after the completion of a construction job.

After your construction project is completed, leave the mess up to the post-construction clean-up experts at Blake Waste.

Easy Construction Site Clean Ups

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Upfront Pricing

We never surprise our clients with hidden fees or surprise charges. All of our costs are upfront and adhered to, making us the ideal partners for your renovation and construction project cleanup. We provide free estimates with no obligation, allowing your business to compare us to the competition before committing to our services.

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Cleaning Plan To Fit Your Needs

Whether you need construction site clean-up at the beginning of a build or at the end of a project for a final clean, our professionals at Blake Waste offer plans to fit the needs of any size or type of clean-up job. No matter your timeline, budget, type of waste, or type of project, our professional construction clean-up team will work to get the job done for you.

24-hour Service

Easy Debris Removal

Our construction cleaning services and post-construction clean-up of both small and large-scale job sites are efficient and thorough and adhere to EPA guidelines for the proper removal and disposal of all materials. What could cost you and your business extra money in cleaning costs by having your construction crew finalize the cleaning of a job site can be easy and affordable with the help of Blake Waste's services.

Wake Forest Construction dumpster rentals

Our Construction Clean Up Services Include

  • Junk, trash, and debris removal
  • Pre-inspection rough cleaning
  • Post-construction final cleaning
  • Dusting from top to bottom
  • Wall and surface cleaning
  • Cleaning of carpets and floors
  • Cleaning of exterior and interior windows
  • Sanitation services for full buildings and homes
  • Hazardous materials removals
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Recurring Cleaning or One-Time Post-Construction Cleanup

Our interior house cleaning, equipment cleaning, and cleaning of exterior work after a demolition, remodel, or new construction comes highly recommended to customers in the Wake Forest area. After hiring Blake Waste for your post-construction cleaning, you won’t have to hire a maid service or worry about your own contractors being responsible for a massive cleaning ever again.

Our services for post-construction cleaning can be for a one-time job or we can be contracted to serve your construction business on a recurring basis.

Blake Waste's Construction Cleaning Service

Exterior Construction Cleanup

Exterior cleaning of a construction site includes picking up any leftover materials or debris, ensuring all paint jobs are completed, wiping down the exterior windows, and ensuring that all structures, pathways, flower beds, trees, and anything else on the exterior of the building are detailed and rid of any sign of dust or leftover debris.

Rough Clean

Taking place right after a construction job is completed, this first phase of interior cleaning includes scrubbing the flooring and newly installed fixtures to ensure they were properly installed. Also, the removal of stickers from doors and windows as well as the initial phase of vacuuming is completed, along with the removal of any junk or leftover materials from the work completed by your crew.

Light Cleaning

During the second phase of interior cleaning, using the necessary tools and equipment, our post-construction cleaning services team is tasked with the detailed job of cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, toilets, and other surfaces and newly installed items. Additionally, baseboards, mirrors, doors and door frames, and other areas will be detailed and cleaned, as well as flooring that needs mopping or vacuuming.

Final Phase Cleanup

The third and final phase of interior cleaning for post-construction clean-up takes care of the last-minute details that make the space look sparkling and new. Everything is completed with a final dusting, vacuuming, or scrubbing and we ensure surfaces are free from fingerprints, smudges, or any markings left behind from construction.

Additional Services For Your Construction Site

Besides dumpster rentals, Blake Waste also provides other services for your construction site.

Construction Debris Removal

At Blake Waste, we can handle debris and junk that you may come across during a project. We can haul away light items as well as multiple loads and heavy equipment. This can include items like tires, propane tanks, and appliances.

All items are disposed of at a licensed facility. If items can be repurposed or recycled, they will be.

Construction Dumpster Rental

Get efficient construction clean-up with Construction Dumpster Rental from Blake Waste. Our large capacity dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any project; whether you're demolishing a building or doing home renovation, we have the right size for your needs.

For A Clean Construction Site, Contact Blake Waste Today

If you are looking for a full-service, comprehensive post-construction cleaning service in Wake Forest, Blake Waste can handle any job, big or small. From renovations to new constructions, our professional construction site cleaning service will ensure that your construction space looks brand new once we are finished.

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