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Terms & Conditions

Our Promise:

  • Prompt Service: Once you are done with your dumpster or need another, simply call or text 919-271-8675 to request service. Requests may also be emailed to We do our best to offer a 24hour turnaround on your request. Requests made on Friday may spill over into Monday.
  • Blake Waste, LLC will provide the proper equipment, materials, licenses, insurance, and personnel needed for the duration of your project. All work completed will meet local and state regulations.
  • We take pride on our professionalism. All Blake Waste employees are trained and uniformed. They can easily be identified by their gold shirts.
  • All company trucks are also clearly marked. Our trucks and equipment are washed and maintained routinely to ensure top appearance and performance.

General Notes:

  • Dumpsters should NOT be filled beyond the height of walls. Additional charges may apply if the dumpster is overloaded. Transporting overloaded dumpsters can be unsafe. We must also meet height requirements for bridges and low hanging utilities.
  • Dumpster door should be latched and secured upon pickup or swap.
  • The equipment furnished will remain our property while in your possession. Customer will be responsible for any loss or damage while under customers possession.
  • Customer is responsible for any damage or excessive wear and tear to dumpsters. Smash trucks are prohibited from being used on Blake Waste dumpsters.
  • Blake Waste reserves the right to remove dumpster from premises at any time for any reason.
  • Special arrangements and notification should be made if dirt, block, or concrete hauling services are needed. These materials are not accepted at most landfills and require separate handling.
  • We will not be responsible for damage to your driving surfaces due to the weight of our vehicles or equipment.
  • Delivery and placement of the dumpster is at the discretion of the driver. The driver will do their best to meet your requested needs. The customer assumes all responsibility for damage to driving surfaces and surrounding landscape.
  • If the customer requests that the dumpster be dropped on the street or anywhere else other than the worksite, customer is responsible for permit fees, fines, towing fees, or attorney fees.
  • Customer must provide unobstructed access to the dumpster upon pickup or swap out. Failure to do so may lead to a trip charge.
  • A trip charge of 75.00 will be charged if the driver is unable to get access, the dumpster is overloaded, or if the door is not able to be secured.
  • All waste will be disposed of in a manner that meets local and state regulations. Waste will be hauled to the nearest or most cost effective landfill as determined by us.
  • Customers are responsible for items placed into dumpster.

Prohibited Items:

  • Prohibited items should NOT be loaded into dumpsters and require special handling. These items can be disposed of by us under special arrangements. Please notify us for proper disposal of your prohibited items.
  • Prohibited Items: Hazardous Materials, Tires, Liquids, Propane Tanks, Asbestos, Fuel, Oil, Lead Based Paint, Freon, Medical or Biohazardous Waste.
  • Wet Paint: Paint should be in a solid state when loading. When possible, fill paint cans with saw dust or dirt to help solidify prior to loading.
  • Barrels or drums larger than 30 gallons should be cut in half prior to refuse. This allows dump operators assurance that liquids or chemicals are not being disposed of improperly.

Payment & Fees

  • Base Rate is charged at time of drop off to a credit card on file.
  • Additional Fees (If applicable) Trip Charge, Additional Weight, Prohibited Items, Overloaded, or Fines will be charged separately at time of pickup.
  • Statements for all charges will be sent via email.
  • There is a 75.00 additional fee for each mattress.

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