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20-Yard Dumpster Rental

Are you looking for the perfect dumpster rental for your commercial construction job or home remodeling project?

At Blake Waste, our 20-yard dumpster rentals are the perfect choice for home cleanouts, large landscaping jobs, and any project where you have an excessive amount of debris removal that needs to fit into a large dumpster.

Whether you are cleaning out your large basement or attic, doing a landscaping project in your yard, or need to dispose of hefty materials at a construction site, our waste management company wants to make your next job easy with our 20-yard dumpster rental.

20-yard dumpster rental

20-Yard Dumpster Overview


Our largest size dumpster rental is the 20-yard model, measuring in at the following dimensions:

The dimensions of our 20-yard roll-off dumpster are:

  • length: 16 feet
  • width: 7 feet
  • height: 6.5 feet


Our 20-yard disposal containers have a weight limit of 3 tons. For a better picture, this is equal to the weight of 9 pickup truck loads of waste or equal to between 110-130 33-gallon trash bags. That’s a lot of weight! Only our 20-yard dumpster can handle loads this big, so if you have a big job ahead of you, our next-day dumpsters are perfect for emptying any space.

20 Yard Dumpster Rentals

The 20-yard concrete roll-off dumpster is the perfect container for large projects.

Some reasons you may need a larger dumpster are:

  • Mid-size construction jobs
  • Household and garage clear outs
  • Landscaping jobs
  • Concrete, brick, siding, and other house materials involved in demolition or remodeling
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Best Uses For 20-Yard Dumpsters

Blake Waste’s goal is to make your disposal of heavy materials and household trash cleanouts easy. Our full-service approach to drop off, pick up, and landfill disposal will help ensure your next project runs easily, with no surprises.

We find that mid-size roll-off dumpster rentals are great for:

  • Home or building demolition
  • Home clean outs
  • Household remodeling
  • Deck removals
  • Roof replacements
  • Large yard cleanups
  • Furniture, carpet, and small appliance (that are permitted) removal
  • Concrete, brick, dirt, and other debris removals

If you are uncertain about what size dumpster rental you need for your job, it is always better to go up in size rather than try to overload one of our smaller or mid-size dumpster rentals. Speak to one of our experienced contractors in waste removal to discuss the specifics of the job, what you plan to dispose of, and an estimated amount of materials for advice on the best dumpster rental for your job site.

About Blake Waste

Dumpster Rentals With Blake Waste

We have some requests when it comes to preparing for and using your 20-yard dumpster bin so that the entire process is simple and easy for both you and us.

Fast Dumpster Delivery & Pickup

Offering same-day drop-off and pickup services for your 20-yard dumpster rental, Blake Waste strives to provide a dumpster rental to you whether it is scheduled in advance or last minute. We try our best to make our 20-yard dumpster available to your job location within 24 hours of your request (based on availability).

Additionally, we know sometimes a job can be bigger than it seems. Even though you schedule a 20-yard dumpster, you may need to add on a smaller dumpster rental last minute. We are available to you if you notice you have more weight and materials for your dumpster than will fit.

20-Yard Roll-Off Dumpster Prices

We operate an upfront service where we are transparent on cost and deliver your dumpster clean, on time, and in great ready-to-fill shape.

Here are our 20-yard roll-off dumpster rental prices and pricing information:

  • 7-Day rental period: $395.00
  • Additional days: $10.00 per day

If you exceed the included weight limit or put prohibited items and materials in your dumpster, you may be subject to overage fees.

Please read our terms and conditions for more information about our rental agreement.

Preparing For Your Dumpster Rental

While we trust our homeowners and business professionals who choose us for their dumpster rental jobs will respect our time and service, we do request that you prepare your job space for when we are scheduled to deliver. We also ask that when we return for pickup, the 20-yard dumpster rental is in the same shape as when we delivered it.

Please move any cars from your driveway or from the street in front of your house or business. If neighbors’ cars are parked on the street, we ask you to notify them of your dumpster rental arrival time in advance so they have time to prepare for removing their vehicles.

While driveways are the best space for our dumpsters, not everyone’s workspace can accommodate that. So, if your 20-yard dumpster needs to sit in a location in your yard, we ask that you prepare the space by putting down plywood or wooden planks so that the dumpster can sit on a hard surface.

We also recommend double-checking the date and time of when our bin will be delivered, to ensure someone is available to be present at the time of dropoff.

We ask that you handle your Blake Waste dumpster container with care and that you fill it in a way that maximizes its use for you and makes our jobs easier on pickup.

When filling your 20-yard dumpster, please:

  • Break down materials when you can.
  • Flatten boxes.
  • Bulk items and materials down toward the bottom.
  • Fill all gaps.
  • Evenly distribute weight.
  • Do not overload more than the dumpster size can handle.

Other Available Dumpster Rentals

If you have a small or mid-size job either the same day or at a future date, we offer 10-yard dumpster rentals and 15-yard dumpster rentals at affordable prices.

If you are unsure of what size dumpster your residential or commercial project will need, reach out to our experts in waste disposal management so we can ensure you are set up properly with the container that fits your needs for your rental period.

10 yard dumpster rental

10-Yard Dumpster

A 10-yard dumpster rental is perfect for small home jobs such as cleanouts or small renovations.


15-Yard Dumpster

A 15-yard dumpster rental is perfect for a small home renovation, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, demolishing a deck, or tearing down a shed.

Raleigh Residential Dumpster Rental

Schedule Your 20-Yard Dumpster Rental Now

We know how much weight can accumulate when you are working on commercial projects, home remodeling projects, landscaping jobs, or demolition sites where there are heavy materials and lots of items that need to be disposed of.

Blake Waste guarantees our customers will find the right roll-off containers to dispose of any junk, debris, materials, and items related to your job. Our team of qualified professionals in waste disposal will help you find the right dumpster rental for your job.

Call us 919-271-8675 or fill out the form below for your free quote on construction dumpsters available for rent.