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Blake Waste’s Demolition Services

Blake Waste offers fully comprehensive demolition services to residential and commercial properties in the Wake Forest, NC areas. Our demolition company can help you with the removal of heavy materials and debris along with the clearing, renovating, and removing buildings and other structures on your property. When working on either large or small-scale demolition sites, the demolition team at Blake Waste will do everything we can to make sure your demolition projects are a success.

From pool removal, excavation services, building removal, and the removal and disposal of concrete or other heavy materials, Blake Waste’s residential and commercial contractors are here to make any job run smoothly. Our clients gain peace of mind that their construction projects that include structural demolition are done professionally, safely, and with the expertise needed to remove a building, house, or other structure.

Benefits of Blake Waste’s Demolition Services

Whether you need to complete a demolition project for a residential property or for a commercial structure, our North Raleigh demolition contractors will help you with land clearing, excavation, and the entire demolition process in an efficient manner and at a reasonable price.

Some benefits of working with the professional demolition team at Blake Waste are:

  • Free demolition estimate when you contact us for services.
  • Up front, honest pricing you can count on.
  • Turn key approach to demolition where we take care of all steps from site preparation, demolition, cleanup, and disposal.
  • Easy and convenient to communicate with and quick with responding to inquiries for demolition services.
  • A focus on sustainability to salvage materials that can be reused and recycled.
  • Top-tier professionalism, expertise, and knowledge of working residential and commercial demolition sites.

Blake Waste’s residential demolition and commercial demolition services include:

  • An onsite meeting to discuss the plan of action for your demolition project.
  • Site preparation, including but not limited to installing dust control barriers and barriers for any areas that need protection like windows, floors, hardscapes, or other structures nearby that will remain standing.
  • Demolition services that adhere to the job requirements.
  • Reclaiming and salvaging materials for reuse and recycling.
  • Site cleanup to ensure that all dirt, debris, and other materials are expertly removed from the space.
  • Disposal of materials collected.

Demolition Services Offered

Our company offers a full suite of services for demolition and waste removal from your work site. Blake Waste takes care of every single stage of demolition, from site preparation to cleanup, from building demolition to the disposal of all waste.

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Residential Demolition

When it comes to residential demolition, we can remove any structure from your property. Some of the items we regularly remove for residents in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas in NC are:

-Pool demolition
-Shed removal
-Full home demolition
-Porch or patio removal
-The removal of hardscapes for renovation purposes

and More!

construction material in a dumpster rental

Commercial Demolition

Whether you need light demolition services, concrete cutting, or the structural demolition of large buildings, a North Carolina demolition contractor from Blake Waste will ensure every step of your demolition projects gets completed effectively, efficiently, and safely.

When providing demolition services to commercial structures, our team offers the following:

- Complete setup and site preparation
- Building demolition
- Concrete cutting
- Site cleanup and disposal

and More!

Experienced Demolition Contractor

The experts in structural demolition at Blake Waste understand how important it is to trust the contractors you hire. All of our employees are licensed and have years of experience that equips them to be specialists at any demolition site.

When our company sends a demolition contractor to your worksite, you can rest assured that our representatives will help you to complete projects in a timely manner, at an affordable cost, and with the utmost respect for operating a safe and clean site for your project.

Do you need an excavation team to help you remove a house, commercial structure, or other structure on your property? Our commercial and residential demolition specialists at Blake Waste will handle every step of your company’s excavation, demolition, and waste disposal job.

Throw Stuff Away In Dumpster Rental

Need Ongoing Homeowner Waste Services?

If you are planning to rebuild, we can assist. Our experienced team will setup a solution to handle your ongoing residential waste services. Our services include bulk cleanup, bins, or dumpsters. You can count on our team to provide prompt, courteous and on-time service!

Residential Tire Pickup services photo of tires

We pick up items from your home that most other companies WON’T!

Items our competitors will not remove but we WILL:

  • Propane Tanks
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Our prohibited items include, but are not limited to, hazardous waste, fuel, oil, and flammables.


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